We pursue an architecture as a park.
In general, buildings perform specific functions like school, hospital, office, etc. It’s easy for a building to work for someone but it can also exclude someone else at the same time. However, parks are equal to all men. It’s an area of open space with no age limit or restriction on how rich or poor they are. Many people coexist with various reasons. In our initial work, we’ve been working on open space of the city in a variety of fields. We examined open space for everyone through working on parks, bridges, small pocket street deigns, signboard designs, and environmental sculptures. We explored variable spaces than spaces with fixed functions. We examined the spatial arrangement that generates new functions by emptying it. The building open to the streets. The building makes you want to stay in the streets. The building related to the streets and communicates with them. The building easy to enter. The Space where many people communicate for various reasons. When a new building is built, people start to go on a demo against it. When a new park is built everyone near it welcomes. Buildings gradually deteriorate after construction while parks get fully ripe and mellow as time goes by. Applying the park’s attributes in architecture is for the city of equality and coexistence, the building as a park.

MPART Architects